- So you guys ship internationally, what about taxes, customs and duties?


Our goal is to make the end customer get the best product at the lowest price possible. This means we will declare the 'lowest possible custom value' for you, in order to help process it faster and keep the prices as low as possible for you! Whatever is possible within the law in order to save you the most, rest assured we will do it.


We are not responsible for taxes, customs, and specific duties in your country. If extra charges occur, which in rare occasions, they do. We do not refund taxes and or any additional shipping charges or customs charges in the event of a refund or exchange.


- What is your shipping policy and how long does it take for products to arrive?


Here at Inside Providers we pride ourselves in being able to offer free shipping for any of our customers worldwide with no minimum orders!


Once you place your order, please allow a few hours to-3 days processing time (depends on the product), followed by a 3-20 day shipping period. There is a huge grace period on shipping because at the end of the day, it depends on where you are located and also on the shipping providers that ship to your area, and at which frequency or speed. Keep in mind that we are using a variety of trusted low cost economical shipping centres to be able to ship your goods directly from the manufacturers themselves, even across multiple international borders.


We use many shipping centres across the world, no matter the location. The bottom line for us is to be able to offer free shipping to our customers, and the deals we have worked out allow us to do just that! We always do our best to ensure the quickest, most advantageous and safe and we also do our best to source the best products at the lowest prices possible. Good things take time and in the end patience will make it totally worth it. If you did not know, it is actually very expensive to ship even small goods such as electronics internationally across multiple borders. However, we do it better than anyone, and we leverage the connections and scale on those connection in order to provide you the best international shipping experience possible.


The fastest delivery from a manufacturer to the customer was 3 business day. The slowest we encountered was 23 because of a local shipping carrier delay. Please check our refund policy and buyer protection guarantee page for more information.


Average delivery times (based on previous orders - please not all goods and locations are different and these times may vary:


USA: 3-20


CANADA: 7-20

EUROPE: 7-20



Note: we can not guarantee that your order will arrive exactly in this time frame. It depends on your local post, because most of our orders arrives in the country of destination fairly quickly, but the local post of some countries can work very slowly, which is unfortunately we can not speed this up yet, but we working on improvements. On top of that, there are also customs agencies with international shipping that have to be passed, plus manufacturer lead times, and finally delays in holiday periods.  However, we do our best to stay on top of things in addition to providing free shipping , and it is extremely rare for thing to go wrong.


In case you need fast shipping, contact us before placing the order and we could send your order via fast but expensive carriers like FedEx/UPS, so high shipping cost will apply and the price might not be high enough.


If you have ordered multiple items, they may arrive separately as our products are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, and we try to have provide you with each of you products asap.



- Do I receive the order tracking number and automatic notifications about my order?


Absolutely! We send your confirmation once your goods have been fulfilled and shipped and you will receive a tracking number with it for use!

Please allow a few days for your tracking number to update, as using a variety of shipping centres across the world is actually quite the logistical challenge, and systems do not update as quick as normal shipping options. It really depends on the country and the shipping provider and how they actually update their services. In many situations, the tracking information gets updated after it land in the destination country, so please be patient with us and know that will take care of you every single step of the way, until your doorstep. Based on all of the orders we have processed it is extremely rare and very unlikely that the products get lost.. And just know that if they do you will definitely quality for a full refund and will even get to keep the if it turn up sometime in the future.


Rest assured, we do our best to monitor everything as closely as possible and to stay on top of things at all times! This is the nature of 'cutting out the middleman'. We are also working to improve this shipping time by acquiring more shipping providers.


- How do I modify my order?


Contact us asap because it may not be possible to modify the order if it has already been fulfilled and shipped. There may also be restocking fees which apply.


- How do multiple items ship out?


Your items ship out at separate times, asap! Shipping will be free for you if you are email list subscriber. You may receive some orders faster than others.


- What is your return / refunds policy?


We offer a 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee on every product sold. Please see our Return Policy and other Policies in our Footer Menu at the bottom of every page for more information on this, including how to return or refund.