Trump Toilet Paper
Trump Toilet Paper
Trump Toilet Paper
Trump Toilet Paper
Trump Toilet Paper

Trump Toilet Paper

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Looking for the ultimate gift? 


The reactions we got were priceless!


Bringing you the toilet paper that trumps all the rest.


We like to have a little fun with politicians, just as the comedians and pundits have done for centuries.

If you do to, we have the perfect prank gift for your friends, family, political allies OR foes.

Perfect gift for any white elephant, birthday, company gathering, political, party, decorative gift, leave in hosts/restaurant bathroom etc.

Spread some laughter, whether you support Donald Trump or not, there's no denying the hilarity of his unique facial expressions.

This novelty toilet paper features one of Trump's most iconic expressions, in all its glory, on every single sheet.

The rolls are printed on high quality soft and delicate 2-ply sheets with environmentally friendly soy based ink. (Someone has to care, right?)

Each roll is shrink wrapped (new and unopened) & larger than most other rolls; 250 sheets.


Now you can  finally take your dump on Donald Trump



Colour: White

Material: Wood pulp

Size: Approx. 10*10cm/3.94*3.94in

Diameter: Approx. 4.0cm/1.57in

Package includes: 1pc x Toilet Paper


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